Rotary Club of Roscommon
New Member Requirements
To provide a comfortable process for new members to assimilate into the Rotary Club of Roscommon, a simple list of requirements has been identified to be completed before a “permanent badge” is presented. They are:
  • Be a member for three months.
  • Be current on all dues.
  • Attend at least one regular board meeting.
  • Serve on at least one committee.
  • Provide a program within three (3) months.
  • Participate in a “fireside chat” with your sponsor.
  • Be a greeter at a weekly meeting.
  • Visit another Rotary club and enjoy the make-up privileges of Rotary International.
Rotary Club of Houghton Lake       Monday’s, Noon at Buccilli’s
Rotary Club of Grayling                Wednesday’s, Noon at Dead Bear Brewing Company
Rotary E-Club                              24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Your club sponsor or any member will be happy to answer questions regarding how you may easily achieve the above requirements.
The Classification Talk
Just as the Fireside Chat allows the Rotary Club of Roscommon to introduce itself and Rotary to a prospective member, the classification talk in turn gives the prospective member an opportunity to introduce him / herself to the Rotary Club of Roscommon.
Shortly after the initiation process is complete and membership is conferred, each new member is asked to deliver a Classification Talk during a regular meeting of the Club, at which time he (she) explains his (her) vocation, and a little about him / herself.
What follows is something of a list which may help to further indicated what the content of this talk might include. It may be used as a guideline in helping each new member plan his (her) talk, which will of course very for person to person depending on his (her) experience.
Short Biography
Personal History                                  Family                                   Pets
Education Background                      Personal items of humor or interest
Other clubs, activities, hobbies, interest that you may have
Reason for or history behind choosing your vocation
Educational and training requirements of your vocation
Qualities and traits necessary for your vocation
Duties, characteristics, and requirements of your occupation
What you like most – and least – about your job
Accomplishments or failures in your life / career                          Future goals
What your impression of Rotary at this time?                               Your reason for joining Rotary?